The Shandana
The incidence of skin cancer, including deadly melanoma, has increased dramatically over the past three decades and many of these cancers occur on the head and neck.

For people enjoying outdoor activities in sun belt areas, persistent daily sun protection for the head and neck area, particularly the ears, is difficult. Sunscreen is difficult to apply to these areas and is quickly rubbed off by shirt collars.

The Shandana solves this problem. It is an easy to wear sun protective cloth that will protect both the ears and neck areas with UPF rated sun protective cloth. This is a must for outdoor enthusiasts.

As a physician I believe this is one of the best things to come along to help lower the incidence of sun cancer in one of the body areas difficult to protect and very susceptible to sun damage.

- Karl Gruber M.D.


The Shandana is awesome for many reasons:
  1. Marketing for the club!
  2. Health reasons - Keeps sun off of our neck and ears in which our ball caps don't.
  3. Allows us to still wear our favorite ball caps with the health benefits of sun protection to those unprotected areas.
  4. Most of the hats that protect our ears and neck aren't our favorite hats, so we don't look as good in them. Now we can be protected and look good doing so!
- Jerry Albrikes, Director of Tennis at LTP