About us

Hello and welcome to TheShandana.com! 

After too many times of getting burnt on the back of the neck and ears and the unwillingness to wear the big hats that have the flap already connected to the hat, the Shandana was created! 

It allows a person to wear their favorite hat and apply the sun protection when needed. When not in use the Shandana can sit around the wearers neck or in a pocket.

The Shandana not only provides shade but also has a UPF rating of 50+ meaning it blocks over 98% of harmful sun rays. To top it off, if you wet down the Shandana in cold water it cools the body down! Even wearing the Shandana down around the neck feels great when adding cold water!

The Shandana can be used for any activity under the sun!!!

Patent Pending!

If there are any questions or concerns please contact us at:  theshandana@gmail.com.


Disclamer: The Shandana is not a replacement for sunscreen and will not prevent skin cancer